Faded images? Distorted colours?
Scratched negatives? Out of focus?

Winstagram can help!

Posting photos to the internet is very popular with young people
these days. Unfortunately as they are starting out in life they can’t
always afford the best photographic equipment and the results can
be a little disappointing.

The new Winstagram app can take these poor photos and restore them
to what they could have been. The results are startling:


Unsightly discolouration had ruined this lunch scene. Thank goodness for Winstagram!


This monkey was lost in a sepia blur until Winstagram came to the rescue!


Before Winstagram this charming still life had all the vitality sucked out of it. Now it's a masterpiece!


To celebrate our relaunch we have been helping visitors to SxSWi to improve their photographs. Click here to see the incredible results!

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