This year the best photography application available, Winstagram, is at SXSW helping untalented photographers restore their ruined images to what they should have been.

The interwebs are a hard place to make a living and some of these young media professionals are too poor to afford good photography equipment.

Others are simply too busy crowd-engaging, augmenting their engagement or cloud-squeezing to have time to perfect their photography skills.

The result is a lot of the photos we are seeing being tagged with the "sxsw" twattoo are below the gold standard.

This is where Winstagram comes in. We'll be monitoring the social-speakiverse for such images and giving them a little bit of Winstagram magic!.

Fellow SXSWers, you are welcome!


USER: molinary     PROBLEM: Too dark     SOLUTION: Winstagram

BEFORE: Molinar must have unfortunately shot this just as a brief power cut hit the building.

AFTER: All is not lost. Winstagram brings light to the darkness!


USER: pilaplu     PROBLEM: Dark edges     SOLUTION: Winstagram

BEFORE: pilaplu can't afford a van so they aren't in a position to upgrade their broken camera.

AFTER: Winstagram to the rescue! Their image is restored AND their pledges total has increased. Double WINstagram!


USER: jtmc1224     PROBLEM: Too blurry     SOLUTION: Winstagram

BEFORE: Although doing well in the centre jtmc1224's camera just doesn't have the depth of field to keep the edges focused.

AFTER: Winstagram sharpens the focus and even makes the paper look newer!


USER: layfield     PROBLEM: Poor composition     SOLUTION: Winstagram

BEFORE: An amateur photogrpher will often shoot from the first angle they approach the subject.

AFTER: Winstagram corrects the angles and, hey presto, perfect composition!


USER: andybarefoot     PROBLEM: Colour bleed     SOLUTION: Winstagram

BEFORE: The cheap camera can't cope with this hipster's tragic moustache.

AFTER: Winstagram not only removes the fogging but also the unsightly facial hair!

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